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After the Brexit turmoil of March, our attention instead turned to the environment with the appearance of both Greta Thunberg – whose mother, it transpired, was a Eurovision star –  and the posho climate communists, Extinction Rebellion; headed by walking stereotype Robin Boardman-Pattinson who, after a life of luxury at his £18,000 a year education and Bristol university education, didn’t practise what he preached when jetting abroad for his skiing holidaysUnsurprisingly, Guido readers particularly enjoyed this clip of Boulton giving him a dressing down

Brexit continued to lurch on in its ever more unsure and compromised form, with Theresa May announcing she would begin seeking a soft Brexit stitch-up with Corbyn and Bercow breaking Commons rules yet again to give more opportunities to remainer MPs to block or substantially soften Brexit – despite the amendments already having been voted on. He wasn’t the naughtiest character of the month, though, with Fiona Onasanya returning to court again after having voted to block Brexit whilst wearing an ankle tag…

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