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MPs were hoping for a more relaxing time after the general election, but a new battle is rearing its head – the ongoing fight to save their rights, privileges and comfort…

MPs are now up-in-arms at proposals to half the size of their library to accommodate other procedural services such as the Public Bill Office, Journal Office and Table Office.

Steve Brine MP emailed fellow Members, saying

I am to be honest really horrified and worried by a decision seemingly being sneaked past Members in respect of the Library…


While I realise the working conditions – let alone the mental health – of members is bottom of most lists these days, I think that’s wrong. The Library provides a safe space which so many of us value greatly.

It’s a place where we can read, think, even pause for breath away from prying eyes of the media and staff members and to halve its size at this time is sheer madness.

Whilst some staffers have pointed out MPs voted for the restoration and renewal programme knowing they would lose facilities, others have defended MPs’ outrage, noting;

“But making it more difficult for MPs to speak privately to each other – without the chance that what they say will end up on Guido or the Canary – makes doing their job harder.

Coincidentally, Guido completely endorses the proposed change…

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