Can the Public Trust Anti-Vaxxer Corbyn with NHS? mdi-fullscreen

Labour has spent this election campaign claiming the NHS isn’t safe under the Tories. They always do and they always will; As the infamous Private Eye graphic makes clear…

Can voters trust Corbyn and McDonnell with the NHS – a would-be PM who in 1999 outed himself as an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist when signing an EDM linking vaccinations and autism. It went as far as calling on the Government to “set up and monitor a register of autistic children“. Corbyn at least didn’t blame this on the Jews…

The conspiracy was based on a paper by ex-physician Andrew Wakefield who was later completely discredited and struck off by the General Medical Council in 2010 for serious professional conduct. This absurd conspiracy is far from the only one pushed by crackpot Corbyn, who has also:

  • Suspected the “hand of Israel” in the destabilisation of the Middle East
  • Backed Russia’s view in the Salisbury Poisoning
  • Defended that conspiratorial antisemitic mural
  • Blamed a think tank staffed predominantly by Jewish Americans, ‘The Project for a New American Century’ for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

There are still two weeks before the election for Corbyn to claim Elvis is still alive or that the moon is made of cheese…

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