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In the rotting remnants of Labour in Leicester, Vaz’s friends are falling apart having lost his protection. Whether it is quitting the party altogether or being suspended, as is the case with assistant Mayor Councillor Mustafa Malik, (pictured above wearing a red rosette). Here’s a YouTube video he went to the trouble of sharing with his Facebook friends with the comment “an eye opener video”. He had clearly watched it and thought it worth sharing, this was not an “accidental like”…

It was just your average “the Jews control the banks and the media” video from David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard. Labour members are fans of Duke and he is a fan of Corbyn’s Labour Party, praising the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership as a sign that people were recognising “Zionist power” and “Jewish establishment power”. Telling listeners to his radio show n 2015 that Corbyn’s election was “really good kind of evolutionary thing, isn’t it, when people are beginning to recognise Zionist power and ultimately the Jewish establishment power in Britain and in the western world.” Labour have suspended Councillor Mustafa Malik pending an investigation…

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