What Happened to Corbyn’s Conference Promises? mdi-fullscreen

John McDonnell said this morning “We’re a democratic party, which means our members decide our policies.” Jeremy Corbyn not so long ago declared too that he is “a servant of the people and the party”, saying “if Conference comes to a decision, whatever it is, I’m there with my party.” He spent years decrying New Labour for disrespecting conference – the sovereign decision-making body of the Labour Party. Strange then that Corbyn’s handlers chose to not include the following key conference resolutions in his manifesto:

  • Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • Nationalise independent schools
  • Keep and extend free movement in all circumstances
  • End immigration detainment
  • Impose a 7% cap on university admissions from independent schools

Or could it be that Labour are just waiting to get into power before unleashing all these policies on an unsuspecting Britain..?

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