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When Guido reported on the dying days of the People’s Vote campaign yesterday, he overlooked another earth shattering moment that will strike at the very heart of every remainer in the country: Femi Oluwole has quit the People’s Vote campaign. A nation mourns…

Whilst it was thought two sub-campaign groups – For Our Future’s Sake (FFS) and Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) – had split from the umbrella group, it transpires not all of OFOC could face leaving the warm embrace of Milbank Tower.

Only three of OFOC’s number have disaffiliated, the most prominent of whom is Femi Oluwole, whose incessant tweeting most Guido readers will inevitably have come across at some point. Finally, Femi and Guido can agree on something: how useless the People’s Vote campaign is…

UPDATE: Despite being removed from the ‘Meet the Team‘ section of the OFOC website, Femi is now saying he is still a member of the organisation.

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