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The People’s Vote Campaign is on the verge of total collapse, according to some insider reports. Other reports are more blunt, simply saying “we’re f*cked”…

The end looks on the horizon for the group following Roland Rudd’s sudden departure as chair of Open Britain on Friday evening, after his boardroom coup and ousting of James McGrory and Tom Baldwin from the organisation – followed by a staff walkout – 20 days ago.

Whilst Rudd has left his former deputy, Anne Weyman, in charge of things, the People’s Vote campaign has now completely purged all its heavyweights, with Open Britain terminating Mandelson, Will Straw and Joe Carberry as directors earlier last week. Insiders do note, however, that Rudd remains in charge of Baybridge – the group in charge of Open Britain, meaning their worries over his influence haven’t totally subsided.

Yesterday, two of the People’s Vote sub-groups – For our Future’s Sake (FFS) and Our Future Our Choice formally announced their split from the group, saying “Boardroom plots by rich men like Roland Rudd cannot be allowed to jeopardise the future of this country.” Guido spoke with a member of FFS who said:

“Literally all we want to do is come and work as part of the People’s Vote campaign. There is a negotiated settlement which was painstakingly put together… Rudd, Weyman and co seem to actively want this to carry on.”

The settlement was negotiated from Tuesday to Friday last week, and workers say is designed to make them “feel safe at work, secure in their jobs and meant we could actually get on”. Security in their jobs just looks like a pipe dream for them at the moment…

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