Brexit Party will Stand Down in 317 Seats the Tories won in 2017 mdi-fullscreen

Farage concedes if he puts up 600 candidates there will be a hung parliament. The Brexit Party are standing down in 317 seats but will continue to fight Labour… 

Farage claims Boris promising not to extend the transition period was a turning point, in addition to Boris promising a Canada deal without political alignment.

By giving Boris half a chance… prevents a second referendum from happening and that for me right now is the single most important thing in our country”

“We now have a leave alliance albeit unilaterally!”

The Brexit Party will continue to fight in the Labour heartlands, so could still prevent some Tory marginal victories, but there will be sighs of relief from CCHQ. The Lib Dems will have a tougher job in the South and the South West…

UPDATE: The Tories have responded to Farage’s decision:

We welcome Nigel Farage’s recognition that another gridlocked hung Parliament is the greatest threat to getting Brexit done.
If we have another hung Parliament it would lead to two more chaotic referendums next year.
The Conservatives only need 9 more seats to win a majority and leave by the end of January with a deal.
We can then finally move on as a country, and focus on the priorities that matter to you and your family.

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