Phillip Lee Receives £70,000 in Donations – Four Times The Individual Spending Limit mdi-fullscreen

As Britain heads for a December Election, Christmas has come early for self-styled ‘Great British Hero’ Phillip Lee. According to his register of interests, he has received a whopping £70,000 to support his new candidature in John Redwood’s seat of Wokingham. The lucky Lib Dem’s donations total 437% of the legal £16,000 constituency spending limit individual candidates are permitted during an election. Guido thought a doctor could have spotted this problem before accepting the donations…

In the last few days, Lee recorded three donations under his Members’ Financial Interests: one of £50,000 from M7 Real Estate Limited; £15,000 from Ceawlin Thynn, and £5,000 from 12 Property Fe Ltd.

Candidates can spend just £16,000 in the 25 days leading up to an election, whilst their parties are limited to £30,000 per constituency on top of that. Even taking both these sums together, Lee’s £70,000 donations smash through the combined £46,000 limit…

The regulated spending period kicked in yesterday, meaning Lee could have cynically dumped £54,000 on his new seat in the last couple of days and fall within the rules. Guido can imagine how much codswallop certain journalists would spew if the Tories did something similar…

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