Anna Soubry’s Lying ‘Leaver’ is Remain Campaigning Lib Dem

Anna Soubry is struggling on as the leader of The Independent Group For Change (polling at 0%), standing in her Broxtowe seat, without the support of the ‘Remain Alliance‘.

In a new campaign video, Soubry tries to pass off Graham Heal as a leave voter who will be voting for her because he now wants another referendum. But Guido can reveal that Graham was actually a Remain campaigner in 2016, and stood as a Lib Dem council candidate in 2017. During the referendum Graham’s Twitter account declared that “we’re StrongerIN”. Soubry must be feeling pretty desperate…

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Labour activist in North West complains

“Everyone from HQ to activists seem to care far more about canvassing for Corbynites than the candidates who could actually win or who are at risk of losing.”


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