Anna Soubry’s Lying ‘Leaver’ is Remain Campaigning Lib Dem

Anna Soubry is struggling on as the leader of The Independent Group For Change (polling at 0%), standing in her Broxtowe seat, without the support of the ‘Remain Alliance‘.

In a new campaign video, Soubry tries to pass off Graham Heal as a leave voter who will be voting for her because he now wants another referendum. But Guido can reveal that Graham was actually a Remain campaigner in 2016, and stood as a Lib Dem council candidate in 2017. During the referendum Graham’s Twitter account declared that “we’re StrongerIN”. Soubry must be feeling pretty desperate…

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Quote of the Day

Professor John Curtice makes a prediction on LBC…

“I will make a prediction. There are going to be a record number of non-Conservative and non-Labour MPs as a result of this election. That makes it difficult for the Tories and Labour to win an overall majority.”


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