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In our corner of the world, we all share the same public services, economy and natural environment. For everyone living here, this is our UK: the air we breathe, local schools, the countryside, employment opportunities, and our nearest general hospital.

Imagine how this local environment would improve if UK-made goods were our preferred buying option?  We would reduce product miles and waste, grow businesses and better jobs, generate more money for public services, and build stronger communities.

With £488 billions of imports there is huge potential for a little more localisation, so we decided to do something to help.

Based on extensive research, and applying a novel scoring system, we have developed a free web app, YouK.

YouK enables you to find all the UK options for any consumer product.

Each brand or product is scored by input, design or manufacturing location, so users can quickly find cold cures made by companies supporting UK pharmaceutical research jobs, hybrid bikes, garden rakes, or sparkling wine.

It’s often said that we don’t make anything anymore, but YouK reveals enormous strengths and some surprises. A booming ecological cosmetics sector, 150 shoe manufacturers, 21 dairies making brie, and Makita is a UK power tool maker! And you probably live close to a microbrewery or a gin distillery.

Whether it’s to support local produce, the economy, the environment, or simply discover new UK brands, YouK gives you the information you need.

This is a sponsored post by YouK. Derek Poots is the founder of Edinburgh based, a web app that promotes localisation through providing extensive consumer information across every UK sector.
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