Brexit Party Will Stand in Every British Seat if Boris Doesn’t Scrap the Deal mdi-fullscreen

The Brexit Party have just launched their campaign, and have said that if Boris drops the Brexit deal and goes for a No Deal Brexit, Farage will back a leave alliance in the general election. However, Mr Brexit blasted Boris’s Brexit deal as it stands. The Brexit Party will contest every single seat in England, Scotland and Wales at the election as things currently stand… 

  • Farage claims he is in talks with Tory MPs who denounce the Withdrawal Agreement in which case the Brexit Party won’t stand candidates.
  • Farage also claims the Brexit Party currently have enough money to fund the election campaign.
  • Responding to an audience question, Farage points out they have until the 14th to discuss such an alliance before nominations close.

Party Chairman Richard Tice also announced the party’s other manifesto pledges, including reform of our political system such as electoral reform, House of Lords reform, automatic by-elections if MPs switch parties between elections, scrapping postal voting and reform of the supreme court. Guido’s not sure ordinary people will be hugely fired up by the focus on constitutional reform…  

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