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The biggest international news of the weekend was undoubtedly the killing of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, however the Labour Party seemed surprising quiet over the news, without a single press release or Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn or Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. Labour strangely silent on this…

The reason for the radio silence may be Jeremy Corbyn”s ambiguity on whether he would authorise a strike on the ISIS leader if he became PM.

Interviewing Corbyn in 2017, Andrew Marr posited:

the gentlemen in suits walk in and say ‘Prime Minister Corbyn, we’ve got good news for you: al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS, we know where he is, we can take him out with a drone strike – can we have your permission?’ What do you tell them?”.

Corbyn then spent a minute skirting round the answer, refusing to say he would. At least he didn’t copy the Washington Post’s editorial line and revere Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar”…

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