Suspended Labour Lord Defends Sexual Assault and Transphobia Report with N-Word Rampage mdi-fullscreen

Labour MP Lord Stone has been suspended by the Labour Party following a report that details an astonishing period of behaviour from the former Marks & Spencer managing director. This isn’t any old scandal, it’s an Marks & Spencer scandal…

The 86-page report released by the Commissioner for Standards last night sets out in excruciating detail the exploits of his lordship, including several incidents of sexual language to female colleagues (including grabbing and undesired stroking); an occasion when Stone approached an anti-transphobia event stall and shouted that his guest “wanted the trans operation”; and claimed he wasn’t prejudiced with the extraordinary quote:

I wouldn’t call somebody a ‘n****r’ in, like, in an aggressive way, but let us say I was at some meeting, which I often am, particularly in Israel with black people or whatever, I would say, ‘We are all n****rs, I am’ – what do you call it – ‘an honorary n****r’, yes, and they would say, ‘Yes, Andrew is just as n****r as we are'”

The commissioner recommended he goes on a training course…

You can read the full report findings below:

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