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Today Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott endorsed Salma Yaqoob as “a long standing [sic] ally of the LGBTQ community”. This is despite the wannabe candidate and former Respect Party leader calling homosexuality “a choice of lifestyle” on national TV, criticising LGBT inclusive education in the Parkfield School dispute, and acting as a spokesperson for a leading member of the Islamic Party of Britain which among its policy platform supports the death penalty for homosexuality. If she were a Tory Labour would be up in arms…

Guido can reveal that Yaqoob has long had an association with Yvonne Ridley, sharing a platform with her on multiple occasions. They clearly get on well.

Highlights from Yvonne include saying “Victory to Hamas!”, “the Zionists have tentacles everywhere”, and declaring “Milliband is a gutless, little weasel who lost more than his foreskin when he was circumcised.” Despite all this, from Owen Jones to Grace Blakely, the Labour Left continue to rally behind Yaqoob…

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