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Selection for the safe seat of Ealing North is turning into a big mess for the Labour Party. Competing to win the seat and its 20,000 majority are some quite controversial characters. Local councillor Sitarah Anjum has already been removed from the shortlist of four after posting anti-gay marriage, pro-forced marriage, and ‘Israel is a war criminal’ tweets. How did she end up on the shortlist in the first place..?

Fellow councillor and the only remaining woman on the shortlist Aysha Raza, despite having defended the same mural even Jeremy Corbyn had to admit was anti-Semitic. She has also endorsed boycotts of Israel, said she was “traumatised by the hours spent in that Zionist shop” and engaged in questionable conversation about “sucking up to the Zionist lobby”. Labour Against Anti-Semitism reported her to the party for investigation last April…

Despite this, Raza remains on the shortlist of three for this plum seat…

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