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Students from Manchester University are campaigning to tear down a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in a bizarre but logical progression of the ongoing university trend of holding historical figures to modern moral standards. In a campaign self-styled as #GandhiMustFall, students – led by Manchester sabbatical officer Sara Khan – have highlighted problematic opinions that the Indian freedom-fighter held – claiming the Indian race was genetically superior to Africans. The students claim in an open letter that Manchester must “stand in solidarity with Manchester’s Black and Kashmiri communities” and tear down this ‘colonist’ statue…

This anti-Gandhi campaign (no doubt inspired by anti-Indian sentiment in the modern left over Kashmir) has been started in response to the imminent unveiling of a statue of the peace and liberation symbol, donated to the city of Manchester by the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur from Gandhi’s homeland, following the Manchester Arena terror attack in 2017, which killed 22 people.

This is the sort of campaign satirists could have started to highlight the silliness of #xMustFall movements. Guido expects they will be coming for alleged serially unfaithful philanderer, and accomplice to sexual assault, Martin Luther King next. Lefty Manchester students have done more than anyone to show how ridiculous the whole history-revisionism affair is…

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