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Labour are making a song and dance about the government stamping down on voter fraud by introducing voter ID. Labour say this will stop poor people, young and people of colour without passports from voting. The government is offering free-of-charge voter photo ID to stop the kind of electoral fraud that is common and difficult to prove…

Labour Conferences require photographic ID together with written delegate applications which are further vetted by the police. The cheapest costs £30.

Momentum claim “The Tories’ plan to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters will disproportionately affect tens of thousands of BAME and marginalised groups”. Despite the voter ID cards being free. Labour charge £30 for a photo ID pass for their conference. Who is really excluding marginalised groups from politics?

Jeremy Corbyn actually hired a Momentum organiser convicted of voter fraud to work in his office. Could there be some other reason why Momentum are campaigning against Voter ID checks?

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