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Jeremy Corbyn was trending in India last night after a meeting he had with the Indian Congress Party. Corbyn tweeted that in the meeting he “discussed the human rights situation in Kashmir” and demanded a de-escalation and “end to the cycle of violence that has plagued the region for so long.”
He was quickly slapped down by the Congress Party leader who declared he is “shocked by [Corbyn’s] misrepresentation” saying that Jammu and Kashmir are purely India’s internal affairs and the Labour leader has no right to interfere. The Kashmir issue is incredibly sensitive in India and if the Congress Party are to win back power from Narandra Modi’s BJP, they can’t be seen to be fraternising with shady characters like Corbyn who is deeply unpopular in the country.

Modi’s BJP – the largest political party in the world – quickly quote tweeted Corbyn’s tweet to attack the Congress Party over its “shameful shenanigans” with the Labour Leader.

To which the Congress Party put out a statement declaring Corbyn’s tweet to be a misrepresentation of the meeting, and condemning his interpretation of what went on

Top Indian news channel Republic TV aired a damning segment slamming Corbyn following his meeting, which is now damaging the Congress party in India.

If Corbyn’s this good with Indian diplomacy, Guido can imagine how stellar he would perform with EU negotiations…

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