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Extinction Rebellion have today turned their attention to attacking air travel as part of their ongoing campaign for a mythical luddite utopia. Throughout the day, protests have been taking place at London City Airport, during which a Paralympian managed to get on top of a plane and another began protesting his own flight just before takeoff. The police soon made sure he was Heathrown off the plane…

The campaign is, of course, plane stupid as Andrew Neil pointed out while taking an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson to task last night; as completely ending literally all air travel would only reduce global temperatures by 0.03°C.

Away from the airport, one climate communist took a spray can to the Department for Transport, graffiting the building with the bright pink words, “Fly today, die tomorrow” next to a picture of a human skull. The elderly culprit was soon ushered away in a police van.

Guido doesn’t think Extinction Rebellion’s latest campaign will take off any time soon…

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