Adam Claims Sky Views Not An Opinion Piece

Adam Boulton is loyally defending a colleague. The difficulty with his argument is that the piece is from “Sky Views”, which is not just the widely used pejorative nickname for the channel from critics, as the website explains “Sky Views is a series of comment pieces by Sky News editors and correspondents”. It is billed as an opinion piece and as such is permitted under Ofcom’s Broadcasting code as exempt from the requirement for impartiality. These are the words Beth wrote, she is not quoting anybody or attributing them to anybody, this is given as her own stated opinion. We have not misrepresented her words in any way. 

On the night of the referendum Beth was distraught with the result, she doesn’t like the idea of No Deal and is not a fan of Boris. She is entitled to her views, we don’t have a problem with Sky News being remainstream media, we are not forced to watch it or pay for it. Equally, we’re entitled to draw our readers attention to the slant of their coverage.

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Quote of the Day

The Guardian’s election editorial urges voters to back Labour with the compelling argument:

“The pain and hurt within the Jewish community, and the damage to Labour, are undeniable and shaming. Yet Labour remains indispensable to progressive politics.”


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