Sky’s Beth Rigby Calls on MPs to “Dispose of Mr Johnson”

Sky News’ Political Editor Beth Rigby has written an extraordinary opinion piece for Sky’s website, arguing that “Parliament can, and should, take back control” and “dispose of Mr Johnson should he refuse to sanction a Brexit extension.” Following in the tradition of other Sky correspondents… 

The supposedly impartial broadcaster went on to lift tired Remain soundbites from “a prime minister elected by less than 0.25% of the adult population” to “leaving with no-deal wasn’t on the ballot paper in 2016.” It would have saved everyone time for Sky to cut out the middleman and just publish the People’s Vote press release…

Guido is at least grateful to Beth for revealing what she actually thinks. As if he couldn’t already tell…

UPDATE: To the many readers asking how can Sky can do this? Under the Ofcom Broadcasting Code they are allowed to express opinions if it is clearly stated as an opinion. The BBC in contrast does not permit news staff to openly express political opinions. The BBC takes the view that editorialising by news and current affairs journalists will undermine confidence in their impartiality. Quite.

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