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Nicola Horlick earned the sobriquet “super-woman” after flying to Frankfurt to tackle her banker bosses in an employment row, accompanied by a load of hacks to write her up admirably. She’s always been good at marketing herself to the media, a skill she will no doubt deploy now she has been selected for the LibDems. Her actual business career since then has been less than super;

  • At Deutsche Asset Management she presided over the Peter Young Scandal
  • Bees and Honey, her venture aimed at retail investors was abandoned before it could even fly
  • Bramdean, her fund of funds, invested in Bernie Madoff
  • Georgina’s, her Barnes restaurant’s closure after 18 months was blamed on Barnes being “full of mothers with children who don’t go out much at night”.
  • Money & Co, her latest bandwagon peer-to-peer lending operation has reportedly slashed its staff numbers.

Her timing might be seen as opportunist to jump in with the LibDems, however it is clearly time to quit business…

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