Local Association Push to Ditch Sandbach

The five stages of grief dictate after losing someone close to you, one will cycle through denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. For Antoinette Sandbach’s Local Association, it appears they are yet to clear that first stage following their MP being booted out the party last month. Could she be soon-bach in the Tories?

A letter seen by Guido from the Eddisbury Conservatives shows the agenda for Sandbach’s upcoming EGM, which has two items on the agenda to be approved or otherwise by the membership:

  1. Should the whip be returned, the Association has confidence in Antoinette Sandbach MP
  2. Eddisbury Conservative Association wish to engage with CCHQ to commence the process of selection of their candidate as soon as possible

Guido has learned that the association is actively gunning to get shot of Sandbach – indeed they were before she lost the whip – and hope to get a new candidate in place asap. Looks like Sandbach’s career is formally coming to an end…

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