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Brendan Cox rightly says MPs on both sides need to dial down the divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. Labour MPs last night launched into an unprovoked co-ordinated attempt to discredit, bamboozle, and disorientate Brexit backing MPs with an extraordinary attempt to change the narrative and avoid scrutiny for the behaviour Parliament has engaged in over the course of the last few years. What sparked it? Nothing was said by Tory MPs that was unusual or extreme last night…

Some tried to mention Geoffrey Cox’s use of the go-to legal leading question example “when did you stop beating your wife?” only for it to be revealed that the MP who attempted to shame him for using it had tweeted the very same phrase in the same context herself.

Guido also looked into the supposed use of the word ‘traitor’ – it has been used 53 times since January 2016, and not once has one MP (let alone a Brexiteer MP) used the word to describe a fellow MP; further, Boris has never used the phrase in all his years as an MP (his only crime last night was saying the words “surrender” and “humbug”). All bar a tiny number of exceptions were in condemnation of the use of the word, with Brexit backing MPs revealing they had been called it too. In one instance even Mark Francois steps in to defend Sir Nicholas Soames saying he should never be called one…

Here is a very brief list of the left’s own ‘vile’ language:

  • Liam Byrne said the PM was guilty of treason
  • Jess Phillips said she will “knife Corbyn in the front”
  • Near universal called of prorogation a “coup”
  • Stephen Doughty said the PM has engaged in a betrayal of Britain”
  • John McDonnell compared the PM to a “dictator” during WWII
  • Ian Blackford accused the PM of “behaving more like a dictator than a democrat”, twice in the same speech
  • Jeremy Corbyn alleged the coalition killed 120,000 people
  • Diane Abbott called the Tories “cruel and callous”
  • David Lammy said Leavers behaved like Nazis, then doubling down saying the comparison wasn’t strong enough
  • John McDonnell fantasised about killing Margaret Thatcher
  • John McDonnell’s famous “lynch the b*tch” comments on Esther McVey
  • John McDonnell accused the Tories of ‘social murder
  • John McDonnell wanted to garrot Danny Alexander
  • John McDonnell said Blair’s Heathrow policy was “a betrayal of this house and democracy
  • Ed Davey called for a remain alliance in Uxbridge to “decapitateBoris
  • Ian Blackford was accused of “agressive” behaviour towards Charles Kennedy during the 2015 election in a note to the police
  • Corbyn’s own hard-left leadership has led to his own MPs being called “traitors”,Blairite scum” and “Tory stooges” innumerable times
  • Ian Lavery, the Chairman of the Labour Party, led a Trump-esque chant of “lock him up” about Boris at conference
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle shoutedThese Tories are dirty, dirty, chaos-mongering people that we will sweep out of this country
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey called for a “Revolution
  • Every year at their party conference the Shadow Cabinet sing the Red Flag, which includes the lyrics “though cowards flinch and traitors sneer

And let’s not forget, the exponential rise in reports of antisemitic incidents since Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party…

All MPs have received a barrage of abuse; indeed during the 2017 election, it was found that Tories received the brunt of it. This is a small sample of examples. Send in any we missed…

UPDATE: Here’s Jess saying she would stab someone over political differences:


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