Former Supreme Court Judge Says the 52% Can’t Have Brexit mdi-fullscreen

Former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption told the BBC this morning that “52% of the electorate simply cannot have 100% of the spoils, they have to engage with the rest”. Rather letting the cat out of the bag.

The referendum was a binary choice, Leave or Remain. If the vote had been to Remain, Britain would not have semi-Brexited, it would have 100% remained in the EU. The British political system is adversarial, very adversarial currently, it usually results in clear outcomes. When a candidate wins a single vote more than their opponents they do get in fact 100% of the spoils. When Tony Blair won just 35% of the vote and 55% of the seats in parliament he still dominated British politics and remade centuries of constitutional order. Creating the Supreme Court for example…

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