Salma Yaqoob Plagiarises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Campaign

Momentum’s pick to be the next Labour candidate for West Midlands Metro-Mayor has put out some pretty professional looking material. But sadly for former Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob, virtually none of it is her own work. Her main campaign video is completely ripped off from the US Democrats’ new socialist firebrand AOC…

Yaqoob isn’t the first Labour politician to nakedly plagiarise US Democrats. Disgraced Labour MP Kate Osamor stole her campaign victory speech from President Obama, and plagiarised her maiden speech. Plenty of Labour Party precedent…

Across the pond Joe Biden plagiarising Neil Kinnock’s ‘first in my family’ speech destroyed his presidential hopes in 1987. Sadly Guido somehow doubts it will do the same to the Momentum backed candidate…

For our American readers, Guido thought an introduction to Yaqoob was in order:

The Corbynisation of the Democratic Party is not all one way…

Hat-tip: Milk Media @milkmedianewyor

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Labour activist in North West complains

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