Philip Hammond Admits Receiving Legal Advice From the EU

Guido sources say that in his meeting with the Prime Minister this morning, Philip Hammond let it slip in the heat of the argument that he had received legal advice. Speaking in the heat of the moment in a fiery conversation, the former Chancellor cracked out the line “well the EU’s legal department have told me…” when defending his decision to in effect vote no confidence in the Government. It was suspected by many Brexiteers that he was working in concert with Barnier, bold of Hammond to just come out and say it…

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Boris as Hulk…

‘Banner might be bound in manacles, but when provoked he would explode out of them. Hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound in he seemed to be – and that is the case for this country. We will come out on October 31 and we will get it done.’


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