Government Braces for Narrow Defeat

The government is on course for a defeat tonight as Remainers and Bercow get into gear to rip up parliamentary precedent and take control of the Order Paper. Stick with Guido this evening for updates as we get them. 

According to one count, 15 Tory MPs have pledged to vote against the Government – a figure that includes the newest member of the Lib Dems, Phillip Lee.

The number of Tories set to rebel does, however, remain lower than previous Government defeats as No. 10’s deselection threat has caused a handful of u-turns from rational Remainers.

Despite the build-up to tonight’s vote, some Tory MPs believe a government loss tonight will not automatically translate to a government defeat tomorrow – with the rebels’ legislation failing at its 2nd Reading. All will become much clearer, however, at 7 pm…

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Quote of the Day

In response to Dominic Grieve’s rumoured plans to request the Government hand over private communication about prorogation to Parliament, Cummings said:

“For a supposedly adequate lawyer who loves the ECHR, Grieve doesn’t seem to realise that his request for private messages is blatantly illegal and will be rejected by the Cabinet Office. We love the rule of law in No10.”


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