Complete Definitive SpAd List 2.0

Guido’s SpAd list is the definitive list of appointed Special Advisers in government. With the revisions below this is the complete list of SpAds in government as of this morning.  Guido has added in a number of new appointments and reformatted the layout for ease of comprehension. We have also added more departmental information, in the light of the new Brexit units. Enjoy…

New additions to the list include:

  • Jennifer Powell – Treasury
  • Charlie Rowley – Cabinet Office
  • Emma Dean – Health
  • Cleo Watson – No. 10’s Private Office
  • Sam Richards – No. 10’s Policy Unit: Energy & Environment
  • Will Warr – No. 10’s Policy Unit: Health & Social Care, Life Sciences and Technology
  • Samuel Kasumu – No. 10’s Civil Society Unit
  • Chris James – No. 10’s Legislative Affairs Team
  • Chloe Sarfaty – No. 10’s Events and Visits Team
  • James Sproule and Simon Jones – No. 10’s Business Relations Team
  • David Beckingham and Alex Crowley – No. 10’s Political Team

Note that Tim Pitt is no longer listed as a Treasury SpAd.

SpAds have been listed by Guido in order of seniority. If any SpAds reading the list disagree with this hierarchy, feel free to send in your contracts for us to double check…

See the full list here:

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