Majority of Remainers Blame Anti-Brexit MPs for Causing No Deal mdi-fullscreen

Some Remain MPs may have chosen to ignore the national will of the people to pander to their own local base, however new polling from YouGov has found they may have shot themselves in the foot, as a majority of Remainers would blame anti-Brexit MPs if we leave with no deal. Wonder if this is persuasive enough to make them EU-Turn… 

The poll, which asked “If Britain ends up leaving the EU without a Brexit deal, which of the below – if any – would you consider to be responsible for that”, showed that unsurprisingly the only group or individual Remainers wouldn’t blame is the EU, with only 44% saying they would be responsible; and Boris would receive the most blame from Remainers with 86% pointing the finger at him.

MPs who opposed Theresa May’s Brexit deal because they wanted to stop Brexit’ and those who ‘wanted a softer Brexit’, hilariously, would receive 57% and 58% of Remainers’ blame respectively.

For Brexiteers, unsurprisingly, the reverse is true; with 79% planning on blaming the EU, vs 53% for Boris. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we’d better be prepared for years of finger-pointing…

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