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Boris’s G7 outing was considered by most – perhaps to their surprise – to be a relative success of diplomacy and statesmanship; however naturally some were desperate for a cock up. Radio 4’s Today Programme believed they’d finally got their hands on one when the head of Melton Mowbray pork pies popped up to claim Boris was telling porkies about their ability to export to Thailand and Iceland but not to the US due to red tape. Truth is in the pie of the beholder after all…

While No. 10 provided the evidence to prove the PM hadn’t been fibbing, Today have yet to offer a clarification on this issue. Guido wondered what possessed the chair of the pork pie association to be so publicly delighted at the opportunity to humiliate the PM. It turns out the chair, Matthew O’Callaghan, is a long-time Labour Party member and former parliamentary candidate, standing in Loughborough in 2015.

O’Callaghan, coincidentally, has also been a vocal anti-Brexit campaigner on his social media, encouraging people to sign the ‘Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU’ parliament petition:

Once again, the BBC totally failed to mention their supposed ‘expert’ was in fact a Labour Party shill. O’Callaghan’s pies are full of red meat…

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