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Former Chancellor Philip Hammond’s ‘Remain Alliance’ group of anti-Brexit MPs are plotting to hold their own talks with Brussels in order to secure yet another Article 50 extension and stop Brexit from taking place on 31 October. A Hammond ally and Tory Remainer told The Times that the former Chancellor has an ‘extensive list of contacts’ on the continent which he will use to deliver a pincer movement against the Government – presenting a united front between the EU and Remainers in Parliament.

By colluding with Brussels, Remainers believe they can produce a Commons majority to dictate a more specific order to the Prime Minister than the extension request they handed to Theresa May in June. In reality if she had wanted Britain to leave the EU with No Deal rather than extend, the then Prime Minister could have gamed that open ended House of Commons diktat and still secured the UK’s exit. Remainers know that Boris will be far more creative in ensuring the UK leaves as scheduled… 

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