Lefties Go Mental Reviewing ‘Socialist Monopoly’

Last night, Twitter user Nick Kapur decided to launch into a 21-Tweet thread critiquing Hasbro’s Monopoly: Socialism edition. Who amongst us can say they haven’t? 

In the increasingly hysterical Twitter chronicle, Nick managed to attract an audience of 20,000 like-minded revolutionary board game fans who watched in agog as Mr Kapur went into microscopic details reviewing the game, from the design of the box to the names of the spaces, which this Militant Moaist decreed to be containing too great a level of ‘snark’.

Perhaps Hasbro’s greatest faux pas in the eyes of this cabal of communists was being “entirely uninterested in trying to understand what socialism actually is and how it might function”, which is – as any academic will tell you – the basis of all good comedy.

The game highlights the effect of socialism by scrapping the famous ‘$200 when you pass Go’ in favour of a $50 living wage, and introduces a ‘community fund’ which tops up the wages of players if they can’t afford a property, helping teach the real world effects of socialism to the whole family (aged 18 and up).

The Twitter thread damningly concluded that the game was not really a socialist model, but “more of a billionaire philanthropy model”, which will no doubt be looked into seriously by the advertising standards agency…

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