Conspiratorial Corbynista Crashes into Cleverly’s Car

This week a video emerged of the aftermath of a car accident involving Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly and Twitter user ‘Asim Khan’, with Khan accusing Cleverly of being a dishonest liar and “not to be trusted” after supposedly not accepting liability for the collision. However it has now emerged that Khan is not a random member of the public, he’s a Corbyn supporter who re-posts conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Zionism. Unlike Cleverly with Khan’s car, you could see this coming…

Khan – posting on Facebook with the name ‘Sam Khan’ – reiterated his accusation that the Party Chair is “dishonest” and “a liar” on Cleverly’s latest post.

However, an inspection of Khan’s account shows some very unsavoury views on everything from Israel to homosexuality.

Not unsurprisingly given all that, Khan is also a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn, having shared multiple posts from the Leader’s Facebook page.

For someone who claims not to have known who Cleverly was when the accident happened, it’s also worth noting of all the media outlets who covered the crash, the only one he gave a comment to was a small far left website. Something smells very fishy about the way Khan is pretending to be an innocent, random, wronged member of the public…

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