Government Risks Banning Jelly Babies, Fudge, and Sherbet Lemons

Number 10 is at risk of continuing the last government’s public health fudge, as new sugar ban plans could lead to British favourites like jelly babies, dib dabs, boiled sweets, and fudge being made illegal. They can try prying Guido’s sherbet lemons from his cold, dead hands.

Ban-happy quango Public Health England have continued their crusade to make life miserable by recommending that no sweet should be allowed to be made of more than 50% sugar. The Institute of Economic Affairs has published a report denouncing PHE for their draconian proposals that are sure to leave a sour taste in people’s mouths.

Josie Appleton, the report’s author, said:

“These new food reformulation plans go way beyond even the existing Orwellian limits. There is a shocking lack of evidence behind them; it seems the main motivation for the changes is a belief the public are too infantile to make informed choices about their own diet so ‘improvements’ must be made for them.”

We don’t know Werther we’ve said it enough, Boris needs to tell PHE to suck it up.

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