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As the Hong Kong crisis enters its eleventh week, the Adam Smith Institute has published a new paper entitled ‘Doing Our Duty’, calling on the British Government to grant automatic citizenship rights to the 169,000 British Nationals living in Hong Kong, and open up the application process to Hong Kong nationals. This would allow a host of highly skilled, English speaking people instilled with British values who want to flee an encroaching communist regime. Self-filtering freedom lovers is exactly the kind of immigration Britain should prioritise… 

The paper notes that the UK took similar action when Idi Amin announced the expulsion of South Asians from Uganda. Ugandan Asians, like Hong Kongers were highly educated and with strong English language skills, and integrated quickly. Famous Ugandan Asians include Brexiteer Shailesh Vara MP (the first Minister to resign over May’s Withdrawal Agreement) and Tory Peer Lord Popat. Priti Patel is the daughter of Ugandan Asian migrants too…

The Sino-British Joint Declaration requires the British government to maintain the rights of Hong Kong citizens until at least 2047, and the ASI argues that as the UK cannot act within the territory of Hong Kong, the way to guarantee these rights are maintained for Hong Kongers is as within the United Kingdom.

The ASI’s Matthew Kilcoyne, who authored the report, told Guido:

“Britain has a duty to uphold the rights of the citizens of Hong Kong in the face of excessive force being used toward protestors and laws that infringe on the autonomy of the city. While the UK is far away, the country has a special link to these islands, and it has a responsibility and the ability to offer a home away from Hong Kong should the need arise.”

This echoes the Foreign Affairs Select Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat’s call for citizenship to be offered to Hong Kong residents. Quite.

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