John Bolton Slams EU Elites For Making “Peasants” Vote Again “Until They Get it Right”

Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton is over this side of the Atlantic to throw his support wholeheartedly behind the UK’s efforts to leave the EU, deal or no deal. Bolton says the UK will be “first in line” for a trade deal with the US and opened the door to both countries doing sector-by-sector mini-deals to accelerate the process. He makes clear the US would “enthusiastically” support the UK if it left with no deal:

“If that is the decision of the British government, we will support it enthusiastically. That is the message I am bringing: we are with you. Britain’s success in successfully exiting the EU is a statement about democratic rule and constitutional government that is important for Britain but for the US too.”

If this wasn’t enough to trigger Remainers already, Bolton then hit out at the EU for the way it treats its “peasants” when they vote the wrong way:

“The fashion in the European Union when the people vote the wrong way from the way the elites want to go, is make the peasants vote again and again until they get it right.”

Bolton, like many in the Trump administration, is an ideological supporter of Brexit as well as a pragmatic one. Remainers can complain all they like but it’s not a bad thing to have in your closest ally at this moment in time…

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Quote of the Day

John Bercow finally makes his view on Brexit known.

“Brexit is the biggest mistake of this country after the war. I respect PM Johnson but Brexit doesn’t help us. It’s better to be part of the [EU] power bloc.”

What a surprise…


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