Telegraph Bucks Up Justice Secretary Hit Piece

The Telegraph is running a story claiming the Justice Secretary “risks Brexiteer anger” after he stated he thinks a No Deal Brexit would be “chaos”. HuffPost ran the same story and Spectator Coffee House leads their lunchtime email with it. The only problem is it isn’t true…

When asked on the Today Programme “do you still believe that the impact of “crashing out” of the EU would be chaos?”, Buckland said:

“I’ve consistently argued that point and I still do that. That’s why I think that the work that is being done by Government to ensure an orderly Brexit is vital.”

“That’s why I’m really pleased that the structure of Cabinet committees, the way in which Government is bearing down upon the issues, shows a sense of urgency and purpose which is absolutely essential if we avoid the sort of disorder I have talked about.”

“Like I’ve said I think there’s a difference between ‘crashing out’ and not achieving a deal.”

At no point did Buckland, as the Telegraph mistakenly reports, claim that a “no-deal will cause ‘chaos'”. He made a clear distinction between his vision of ‘crashing out’ with no planning, and leaving without a deal.

Clearly, Buckland believes that “crashing out” of the EU this instant with no preparation would be chaotic, but that the work the Government is undertaking now will ensure that leaving the EU on 31st October on WTO terms is orderly and managed. The Telegraph trying to spin this as anything other than bang on message is bizarrely inaccurate…

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