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Since Boris became PM, Labour have been going in hard on the ad hominem attacks to try to counteract the 10% lead the Tories now have in the polls. One line Labour are particularly trying to sell is on Boris’s background and supposedly ‘wealthy friends’, with Corbyn putting a post out on Saturday claiming “Boris Johnson and his millionaire friends won’t be affected by rising food prices in a No Deal Brexit“. Beats being “friends” with Hamas and Hezbollah…

Today however he reposted the same video. With “Boris’s friends” surreptitiously upgraded to “billionaires”.

Surely it’s nothing to do with the fact that Jeremy Bernard Corbyn’s own personal net worth is reportedly a very tidy £3 million. Continuing the proud tradition of revolutionary leaders being much wealthier than their loyal proletariat followers…

As the IFS report this morning pointed out, the top 1% now pay a huge 27% of income tax. There’s going to be an even bigger gaping hole in Corbyn’s public finances if his hardline policies drive the 1% away too…

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