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This week the Labour Party attacked Jo Swinson’s “hypocrisy” for accepting fossil fuel donations given her supposedly green credentials, saying “you simply can’t trust the Liberal Democrats”, while Corbyn accused Boris of “bending the knee” to fracking companies. He might want to look a bit closer to home first, it turns out Corbyn’s Labour council and and those of his top team have invested over £1 billion in oil and gas companies. Quite a frack up for the Labour Party, who’s “bending the knee” now…

Despite saying Labour will ban fracking, Corbyn and Thornberry’s, Starmer’s and Tom Watson’s Labour councils are all among those investing over £700 million in oil and fracking giant Shell alone. Among the shadow cabinet as a whole there’s also £558 million invested in BP. Unusually sound financial decisions from Labour councils, will Corbyn now take to the streets for a fossil fuel divestment protest against his own council…?

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Corbyn hasn’t made a fuss given his complete lack of interest in climate issues before a global cult developed around 16-year-old who wanders the earth telling everyone the end is nigh unless the world economy is brought to its knees. And the hard left realised it was the perfect vehicle to both win votes from young people and build broader public support for the wholesale destruction of capitalism...

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