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The Lib Dems’ answer to Harvey Weinstein, Lord Rennard, has been out on the campaign trail with them yet again – despite leader Jo Swinson previously calling for him to be kicked out of the party. The noxious Rennard has been embroiled in one of the Lib Dems’ most long-running scandals since over 40 separate sexual harassment claims from multiple Lib Dem staffers first emerged years ago. Yet the Lib Dem leadership has repeatedly failed to fully freeze him out due to his decades-long role masterminding Lib Dem ground campaigns…

Now he’s resurfaced in the Lib Dems’ by-election campaign in Brecon and Radnorshire, receiving a warm welcome from the Lib Dem old guard including MEP and former MP Chris Davies (who confusingly shares a name with the Tory ex-MP and candidate). As one furious former Lib Dem staffer puts it, the “human octopus” just can’t resist sticking his tentacles back in…

New Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson wrote a searing article two years ago about Rennard declaring him “not welcome” in the party:

“That Lord Rennard remains in the party, showing no remorse or contrition, while many of the women involved have left, fills me with sadness and anger. When I hear suggestions that the women who spoke out should not be believed, or that they were somehow manipulated, it makes my blood boil.

“Vince — and Tim before him — have repeatedly, publicly said Rennard is not welcome anywhere near their frontbench team, even as an adviser. I remain deeply frustrated that he was not expelled from the party through its disciplinary process. It just feels wrong, and I do not want Lord Rennard to continue as a member of the party. As far as I am concerned, he is not welcome.”

Now the buck stops with her there is no excuse, will she finally take action?

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