Cadwalladr’s Company Facing Strike Off Owing HMRC Thousands In Tax

Carole Cadwalladr’s beleaguered limited company is now facing compulsory strike off within two months. Unless cause is shown to the contrary within two months Hyggelig Limited will be struck off the register and the company will be dissolved. The last accounts filed showed the company owes a lot of cash in tax too. Almost as chaotic as Carole’s continuously corrected ‘journalism’…

A bean counting co-conspirator has been in touch with Guido to say this is a well known tactic for directors in debt to allow Companies House to strike off their businesses and avoid paying taxes that are legally due to HMRC. It’s referred to in the trade as ‘liquidation through the back door’ as it avoids any formal investigation into the conduct of the Directors.

Further inspection of the last set of accounts filed for Hyggelig Limited these state £19,999 of corporation tax was owed to HMRC as at 31 March 2017. Given that the corporation tax liability for the 31 March 2017 year end was only £8,563 this would suggest £11,436 was still due for the previous years too and should have been paid by 1 January 2017. Guido has no way of knowing she has paid her corporate tax bill because Carole has failed to file her accounts. Carole’s got more in common with Facebook than she admits…

*Guido has left multiple messages for Carole to discuss the situation, no explanation has been proffered.

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