Latest Net Approval Ratings Favour Boris

Jeremy Corbyn has a negative 51% approval rating; confirming that his condoning of anti-semitism and constructive ambiguity on Brexit has killed his fleeting popularity. Theresa May has a negative 31%, “Theresa May in Trousers” has a similar negative 30% and Boris a less negative 23%. Giving Boris a clear edge over Hunt. Hunt’s supporters like to say Boris is a Marmite character, they should reflect on how much Marmite is loved by the British people…

Full YouGov data tables.

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Quote of the Day

The Daily Mirror has heard that at the shadow cabinet meeting, Nick Brown lost his train of thought so John McDonnell handed over a piece of paper to help out.

Brown: “You’re really helpful“.

McDonnell: “Yes I am. But it would be great if somebody could tell Skwawkbox that“.



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