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In news that surprised precisely no-one without severe Brexit Derangement Syndrome, the High Court resoundingly threw out the farcical anti-Boris lawsuit brought by smarmy “private prosecutor” Marcus J. Ball last month. The full judgment has now been released and it doesn’t make pretty reading for gullible Remainers who threw their money away on the crowdfunder. Hits them right in the Marcus J. Balls…

The case only got as far as it did because of a bizarre decision by a “District Judge”, in fact a lowly magistrate at Westminster Magistrates Court who was hopelessly out of her depth. The High Court judgment is absolutely scathing of both her decision and the case put forward by Balls’ legal team:

“The error of law… led the DJ to act in excess of jurisdiction and unlawfully by deciding to issue a summons whether the ingredients of the offence were not made out and which was outside the scope of the offence.

“Further, such an error of law necessarily involves a finding that no DJ properly directing herself… could, on the material before her, reasonably have found the offence made out…

“We are entirely unpersuaded by [Ball’s] argument…

“No authority was shown to us suggesting that the offence can be or has been equated to bringing an office into disrepute or misusing a platform outside the scope of the office.”

The judges then address the issue of whether the prosecution was vexatious. Ball hilariously tried to claim that his prosecution wasn’t politically motivated and went round deleting his old videos and websites in a vain attempt to cover-up the fact that he was indeed a massive Remoaner desperately trying to stop Brexit.

Unsurprisingly this didn’t fool the judges who list an entire catalogue of Ball’s bluster and make clear that they would have quashed the case on the vexatious grounds vexatious anyway, even without the serious legal flaws they had already identified. Amusingly they even include the interview where Ball said his “biggest responsibility” was to raise over £2 million as he had “run out of personal credit card and bank overdraft funding”. Ouch.

Incredibly, Ball is still saying that he wants to appeal the ruling despite his crushing defeat. Remainers surely can’t be stupid enough to give him yet more funding for his self-deluding fantasies… can they?

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