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We’re looking for a summer intern and it is a six week paid position. Obviously you must be digitally savvy and if you can edit video that is a definite positive. We have been known to sometimes hire interns for permanent positions. You must share our values, want to chase down a story and supply your own headwear. We could not care less about where you are from, what schools or university you went to, we care far more about what you can do. Email for more details…

UPDATE: Overnight we were deluged by applications. We are closing applications at noon today (Wednesday, 3 July).

UPDATE II: Applications are now closed. We have had about 50 applications overnight.

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Quote of the Day

Conrad Black on Max Hastings and Boris…

“As the former employer of both of them, and although their positions were of unequal importance and challenges, on balance I must declare Boris to be more reliable and trustworthy than Max.”


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