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Seventeen years before Jeremy Corbyn addressed the masses at Glastonbury, Boris Johnson delighted crowds with a brief performance of the Iliad, as well as a walkabout tour with Billy Bragg. In his walkabout he met nudists, declaring “I fully support your right to be naked, I’m right behind it” and praised entrepreneurial attitude of attendees “I just saw someone selling mushrooms. This is capitalism, this is commerce, this is the triumph of right wing ideology!” Boris came away from the experience identifying attendees as natural Conservatives…

“I think these people represent a strong libertarian ideology. In fact I would say that there are a lot of natural Tories here. These people who have taken their lives into their own hands, they have arrived here under their own steam, they have paid £87, they have pitched their own tent! Isn’t that a metaphor for what conservatism is?”

Boris there, being party political Glasto on Friday 23rd June, 2000. Before it was cool…

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