Davey Apologises for Saying He Wants to Decapitate “Blond Head” of Boris mdi-fullscreen

Ed Davey is running to become leader of the LibDems, his big pitch seems to be to turn into a sort of centrist-Trump, saying outlandish things to attract attention. He has apologised for telling Times readers that he wanted to “decapitate” the “blond head” of Boris:

“I recognise this wasn’t an acceptable choice of phrase and I’m sorry. This was careless use of language, meant in electoral sense and in no way literally. Whilst we should be robust in our opposition, we do have to carefully consider impact of our words and I failed to do that.”

Fair enough, we all know that the new rules of wokedom mean you can say anything about a right-winger, however visceral, violent or offensive and it is a joke. Say the same about anyone else and it is a hate-crime. On Sky News earlier Davey claimed the Conservative Party was now “far-right”. It started with coarse language – “bollocks to Brexit” – now it’s full on Trumpian centrism…

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