Boris Refuses to Answer Private Life Questions

At the hustings Boris tells Iain Dale, when questioned about last night’s shenanigans “I don’t think they want to hear about that kind of thing”. Which is met with applause from the pro-Boris audience.

Dale presses Boris “So you’re not going to make any comment at all on this issue” to which Boris replies “I think that’s fairly clear.” The audience were not happy with Dale pursuing the point.

On the “f**k business” jibe Boris clarifies “I bitterly resent the way one stray remark to the Belgian ambassador, who was disparaging about impact of Brexit, is allowed to cloud my record of sticking up for business. I even stuck up for bankers.” Boris said he was referring to ‘particular lobby groups’. By which Boris obviously meant the europhile CBI, not businesses in general…

Boris focused on the existential threat to party if Brexit is not delivered. “We need to get it done and move on”. The audience loved him for it and gave him a standing ovation.

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