Sadiq Khan’s Environment Tsar Racks up 54,000 Air Miles on Long-Haul Junkets mdi-fullscreen

Sadiq Khan’s latest attempt to try to ingratiate himself with the increasingly disruptive eco-loony movement is to announce that he’ll be closing 20 kilometres of roads across London for an entire “car-free day” in September. The man whose job is literally to keep the roads open is closing them for a publicity stunt…

Instead of inconveniencing millions of Londoners to virtue signal to people who glue themselves to trains, Sadiq could start by reining in his own Deputy Mayor for Environment, Shirley Rodrigues, who turns out to be rather fond of overseas jaunts on Mayoral business. Since being appointed in 2016, Rodrigues has racked up over 54,000 air miles on numerous long-haul trips to far-flung destinations including Mexico City, Bengaluru, San Francisco and three trips to New York, pumping out over 14 tonnes of CO2 in the process. As usual it’s one rule for our pious eco-overlords, another rule for the rest of us…

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